Type of function -All family functions are welcomed with the exception of 18th Birthday parties. 21st Birthdays are accepted by agreement only.

Guest Numbers -Accuracy with guest numbers will help the Club to properly staff the bar. The Maximum number of guests we can allow is 80. This limit is a feature of our entertainment licence and for your guests comfort and security.

Departure time- As a condition of our licence the Bar and Entertainment is to cease at 11.00pm prompt. At evening functions you and your guests are requested to order taxis well in advance and in anticipation of vacating the premises by 12.00 Midnight.

At afternoon functions all hirers and guests must vacate the hired room by 6pm.

Morning functions all hirers and guests must vacate the hired room by 12noon.

Early access - Earlier access to the hire room for catering preparation or entertainment access must be arranged with a Club Official well in advance to guarantee your requirements.

Hire Fees - Fees for members apply only to their immediate family or siblings. All other hire fees fall into the non-member category and are restricted by the Club's licence.

Catering and the bar -In-house catering arrangements maybe available on request; details of which are available. Should you wish to provide your own catering a kitchen is available to use.

Any food spillage should be cleaned up by the room hirer and their guests at the time. (Our staff will gladly provide cleaning implements).The kitchen must be cleared and free from any food deposits. Claremont Tennis & Social Club Absolves itself from all and any responsibility that may arise from any contravention of current 'Food Safety Regulations' and 'Environmental Health Laws' should you decide to provide your own catering. Furthermore, all 'own catering' foods brought onto the premises and not consumed before the departure time for room hirers and their guests must be removed from the premises at the time of departure or they will be disposed of. Our staff will be happy to advise you accordingly during the function or at departure time. No food can remain on the premises for collection at a later time. For health reasons it is a duty of the Club staff to dispose of any foods found.

Privacy and decorum -For Health and Saftey reasons all children must be under full control and within the hired room only. Children are not allowed behind the bar area. The Bar Staff may ask for ID for the purchase of alcohol.

Decorations - Decorations or bunting is permitted but prior details and approval must be obtained from a Club Official. No naked flames are allowed (e.g. tea lights, candles).


Terms of Hire

Room Hire Application Form – Additional Information/General Information


1. The date of room hire is not considered ‘BOOKED’ until approved by the elected committee and has been paid in full.

2. You may download the ‘Application' and ‘Conditions of Hire’ forms to study at home, but please make sure you return the ‘Application Form’ and deposit to the Club without delay. We need the form for presentation at the Committee meeting (see paragraph 4 below).

3. The full balance of payment due for the room hire must be received by the Club at least one week (seven full days) before the date of room hire. If the balance has not been received by then and the Club has not been informed and given and acceptable reason why, then the Club is entitled to make another booking at short notice for the room hire date in question.

4. After receiving your application form for the room booking date, the details of your application for room hire must be approved by the Club Committee at their next monthly meeting (which takes place every 2nd Tuesday in the Month, except August) in order that all requirements of a room hire application may be verified as having been met.

5. Please inform the club immediately if there are any changes to the number of guests attending the function as stated in your application. Updates are vital in order to staff the bar adequately to meet your needs.

6. All portable electrical equipment including D.J. equipment must have a current electrical test certificate for use within the building.

7. The hirer is responsible for equipment in or brought to the premises. The Club will not accept liability for any loss or damage attributable or arising out of the presence, use or condition of such equipment.

8. The Club reserve the right to cancel any hire at any time without notice and without assigning any reason. As much notice as possible will be given. In such circumstances, the Club can accept no liability for loss incurred as a result of such a cancellation but undertake to refund any payment made or would endeavour to rearrange any booking. The Club reserve the right to censor and cancel, without liability or any loss incurred as a result of such censorship or cancellation, any event.

9. In the event of the hirer(s) wishing to cancel the booking, there will be a charge of 50% of the total hire charges incurred if the cancellation is more than 14 days from the function date. If less than 14 days notice is given by the hirer(s), the full hire charges will apply.

10. The Club reserves the right to refuse admission to any person to the premises and to require any person to leave the premises upon request by an authorised person.

11. It is the hirer(s) responsibility to protect the premises during the period of hire. If any damage occurs or is sustained during the period of hire (other than damage or destruction which in the opinion of the Club could not reasonably have been prevented) the hirer(s) shall make good any loss.

12. Kitchen Facilities are available for use but must be left in it its original condition.

13. All foodstuffs & rubbish must be removed at the end of the event.